Value Able App is an application dedicated to perceived quality scoring.

It has been designed by our experts to yours, but also for all the teams involved in the design and production of your products.
It is also a valuable decision-making tool.

Create and share instantly:

  • Evaluation notes
  • Media: unlimited number of photos and videos
  • Evaluation comments
  • Automatic synthesis reports

Flexibly designed, Value Able App can host your methodology and adapt to all your specificities.

PERCEIVED QUALITY DNA : designed by experts in Perceived Quality, Value Able App allows you to live a unique user experience to analyze the competition’s products and manage your Projects.

EFFICIENT : Value Able App has been designed to optimize scoring and analysis times.

TAILOR-MADE : your criteria, your weightings, your scoring scale, your algorithm… everything is configurable to use within Value Able App.

Photo de l'App de Value Able sur tablette
Value Able web App - Évaluation intérieur voiture avec tablette : personne faisant fonctionner les aérateurs

MULTI-MEDIA, IN CONNECTED MODE BUT ALSO IN OFFLINE MODE : Value Able App is usable on a computer, tablet or smartphone and allows you to work regardless of the context and connection quality. A complete scoring is possible offline. All your data is backed up and synchronized in real time on all your tablets or computers.

AGILE : Value Able App allows you to create and manage your methodologies, access and consultation rights for safe use.

EASY ANALYSIS : From global to detail, you can access key information. Proofread, modify, compare, analyze and present.
A real dashboard, the “Comparison Board” offers the visualization of strengths and efforts, photos, comments in a single glance.

DATA ANALYTICS : rom the overall result to the detail areas, easily compare models with graphical representations that can be customized to suit your needs.

PHOTO DATABASE : search for photos by areas and/or by Perceived Quality analysis results, with unlimited display of the number of models.

READY TO USE : need to present the results as soon as your scoring is completed? You can download an immediate automatic summary, with key figures, strengths and areas to improve.

MAIL / MICROSOFT OFFICE : Value Able App is linked to your daily tools for all data, methodologies, scores, comments, media.


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