Value Able team has a wealth of experience and strong references. Among our experiences leading to Perceived Quality, Materials expertise, Product Marketing, Design and even competition driving!

Static Perceived Quality

It represents the initial discovery phase of a product by the customer in a showroom. Static analysis methods are based on weighted criteria from multiple customer tests.

Value Able’s expertise covers both exterior and interior perimeters of the vehicle.

Dynamic Perceived Quality

In the automotive sector, Dynamic Perceived Quality is representative of dealership test-drive, which is often essential in the final choice made by customers.

Value Able team relies on the dynamic expertise of qualified test pilots with deep knowledge of the customers.

Private Passenger Vehicles / Commercial Vehicles

Our customer studies and analyses cover all types of vehicles. Our experience has led us to follow up private passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles Projects. We have conducted customer tests with individual customers and also with professionals.

Evaluation de la qualité perçue dynamique avec utilisation de l'application


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